Life is too short to hold grudges & keep regrets.
You gotta love back the ones who love you, and don’t
let the people who don’t ,hold you back from [(anything)]
You gotta live your life, and forget about the past. Live for
the future. There will be changes, and you just have to go
with the flow. Remember that, and you’ll be fine. Life wont
be easy, its like a climbing a mountain. It will be hard, but
the view will be worth it in the end. Remember that 


The future has no guarantee but the happiness of today is certain. We have choices for the benefits of our lives but at times they seem like drawbacks however without them life would be so dull. Life is a rollercoaster got to have that up and down experience till you reach the final destination….

It’s NOT about being engaged, married, or in any relationship. It’s about being secured, happy, safe, relieved, and feeling good….It’s about having a peaceful state of mind. It’s about sleeping at night without the fear of losing what you’ve got. It’s about being yourself and not someone else. It’s about feeling loved, happy, respected, understood and appreciated. It’s all about the right person and the right time.

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You have cried enough. The relationship has been over for weeks.
You’ve felt mad, sad, rejected, hurt, shocked, lonely and everything
else. You’ve cried your last tear. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for
yourself and realize that they are not the only person you can have fun
with or hold hands with or laugh with or hold conversation with. The
reason you can’t see it, is because your mind is still crowded with
memories of what you used to do with them.

It’s time to create new memories with someone else. Put that smile on
your face again and realize that when the time is right, you will find
someone who will love everything about you with no restrictions and
will be committed to you and the relationship 100%…..

thank you for reading my lovelies x(comment if you can)

IMG_2008I’m that girl who forgives
everyone nomatter what they do to me.
I’m that girl who cares way too
much about what people think of
me. I’m that girl who fears being
alone. I’m that girl who is scared
of growing up. I’m that girl who
acts like I’m tough when really, I
feel like crying. I’m that girl who
says yes to everything, because I
hate disappointing people. I’m
that girl who tries to be nice to
everyone then gets taken
advantage of. I’m that girl who
doesn’t care if it’s a million dollars
or a homemade card as long as
you thought of me. I’m that girl
who tries to express how she
feels, but just can’t find the
words. I’m that girl who everyone
thinks they know, but they don’t.