I Miss You

I know I said goodbye first but I miss you. I cannot turn back the hands of time but I miss you. It hurts to live in pretence of being fine when I miss you. I have tried to move on, forget about you but I miss you. I am ashamed of myself for being like this but I miss you. I always hesitate pressing that green button in case you pick up and I won’t be able to hang up. There is plenty of fish in the sea but my heart only beats for one. At times it gets hard, the fear of never loving someone as much as I loved you. Others think am crazy but I miss you. Once in a while I try to check up on you and it gladdens my heart knowing you are fine. They say the one who gets left suffers but I think the one who leaves suffers the most. I hope in due time I will be over it.

I miss you…..

Happy New Year

I would like to thank each and everyone of you that took their time to read my piece of mind and my journey. I hope you will keep on reading. Back to the matter… I am wishing you all a happy new year in advance as I probably will be busy in prayers watching Emmanuel tv (Christian program run by Prophet tb Joshua…check it out on youtube sometime☺) anyway I hope you will have a splendid year and always remember that it’s a blessing to live and always use these countless chances to live a standard life.

Thank you for reading xx

To be honest, I started reflecting my life since January. It’s been quite a journey throughout this year. I have managed to change some of the things I could change but some things no matter how much I tried can never change. Looking at my life this past year, I can say it’s been rough emotionally. I have been through enough emotional trauma that could last a lifetime but I survived. By surviving, I mean God kept me and in him I cried all my pain; sorrows away. I am just grateful to God for walking with me throughout this year even though at times I felt I was alone. I have come to understand that there is no point in regrets but just to accept situations as they come. Through it all, I lived in the year of 2015.

Thank you for reading xx  (take some time to reflect)

Being Merry

I would like to say ‘Merry Christmas ‘ even though it has passed but I was busy celebrating life. I know for a fact that for me to live and be able to write my own thoughts is through Jesus, the son of God. If not for his birth, mercy and grace would not be overflowing in my life. I am just grateful for the life of love and will forever be grateful. However, I would really like to talk to whoever is reading to be grateful for the life you have and deeply seek God for his mercy and grace never runs dry through his Son Jesus.

Thank you for reading xx

Dear Ex Friend

I got to admit life has never been the same since you decided to leave my life with no warning or goodbye. I still reminisce over the past, knowing that those days are gone for good. At the time, it seemed as if nothing could break us; like we were in it for life. As much as I would not want to go back to the way we were, at least am grateful to have known you and thank you for being in my life. I would like to apologise for hating you with everything in me, fake smiling every time I saw you, then curse at you in my heart. Since I have no idea why you left, I would like to apologise for the burden you carry of hating me. I have decided to move on from it all and just genuinely smile whenever I see you. I will never throw the memories away cause once in my life, there was you. Be happy wherever you go and let go.

Yours truly
Ex friend

Dear ex boyfriend
I hate the feeling of hating you. I don’t want to keep on feeling like am supposed to hate you. You came into my life; just the same I came into yours. You told me you loved me; just the same as I told you I loved you. We would argue; we would make up; we would laugh; we would cry together. It’s unfortunate that you broke the promise first and ended up hurting me. I was sad, hurt and felt the need to payback the pain you bestowed upon me. Now it’s been weeks,months,years and am still carrying the burden of hating you. Most of my relationships have failed because of the hate in my heart. I have tried to forget the pain but as soon as I close my eyes it dawns on me and I get to feel the pain just like it was yesterday. I am tired of carrying this burden in my heart therefore with all the strength I have; I Forgive You….☺

Your ex girlfriend