Life After Mourning

It’s been many years but it always feels like yesterday. People tend to say time heals all wounds but am thinking like did they mean to say that it takes a whole lifetime. It hurts today just as it did yesterday and it has been 10years already. 

Reminisce: Even if am no longer there or we part, am grateful to God to have loved you in this lifetime.

The last words, that have been buried deep in my heart. To think he was grateful to have loved me not even to have been loved. I wonder if reincarnation is ever possible in this life so I can meet him again. We were young but I feel my soulmate came and left me already. Day by day, I pray to forget you but it seems you already talked to God first before I did. However I will keep living and forgive me in advance and close your eyes if my wedding day ever comes to a pass 🙈. 

It’s still hard to live without you. I know love will never be beautiful as it was when I was with you. I am still waiting for a day that I will get over my sadness and stop drowning in my tears. Missing you is an understatement. 

I hope you keep resting in peace T and know that I am always grateful to God to have loved you in this lifetime.

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Dear first love
Let me start reminiscing for a second here…You looked at me, I looked at you; but it was only for 5mins pardon my friends they disconnected it. I hoped to see you again and just as I lost faith well cause the next day I waited to see you at least pass by my house since morning but you saw me before I did. Since the first day I loved you even though I gave you a hard time. TJ you will forever be known as my first love and it will forever remain like that. You opened my heart making it possible for me to love. As they say good things never last, I wish it was a break up but to lose you to death…that was the most painful moment of my life and till this day it still is. I will always cherish you and love you always. I know you are with me this christmas well merry Christmas Tj…RIP my Boaz

Yours truly
Kay (Ruth)

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