Dear ex boyfriend
I hate the feeling of hating you. I don’t want to keep on feeling like am supposed to hate you. You came into my life; just the same I came into yours. You told me you loved me; just the same as I told you I loved you. We would argue; we would make up; we would laugh; we would cry together. It’s unfortunate that you broke the promise first and ended up hurting me. I was sad, hurt and felt the need to payback the pain you bestowed upon me. Now it’s been weeks,months,years and am still carrying the burden of hating you. Most of my relationships have failed because of the hate in my heart. I have tried to forget the pain but as soon as I close my eyes it dawns on me and I get to feel the pain just like it was yesterday. I am tired of carrying this burden in my heart therefore with all the strength I have; I Forgive You….☺

Your ex girlfriend


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