I was in a situation were love was in full bliss but distance became so much of an obstacle that so much bullshit started to erupt slowly but surely. A guy I loved was in boarding school thats like 3months of no communication. I never doubted him because he was in a boys school till when he came back for that 1 month holiday my insecurities started. Just casually talking he mentioned that boys from his school would attend some kind of church or shopping with girls from another school. I would like to admit yes he is a handsome guy (girls please now don’t start fantasizing lol). I still tried my best to trust him but knowing a guy would always get tempted, I used to ask myself ‘does he resist that temptation?’ Till now I will never know but my brain always told me he was messing around. After insecurities, slowly my trust began to deteriorate because I moved to UK while he was still in Zimbabwe like we went a whole year without seeing each other of course we argued a lot, would go for like a month without talking to each other. After 1year and 6 months of dating we finally called it quits.


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