We had a messy breakup. We called each other names under the sun, unfriended his ass on Facebook but the funny thing is we never stopped loving each other. A whole year passed without talking, it was as if we had become enemies. His birthday comes before mine seeing that I never missed his birthday I inboxed ‘happy birthday! ‘ to him. Surprisingly he even replied with a ‘thank you’. Then came my birthday, the whole day he never said anything to say I was not hurt would be a lie cause I expected at least he would remember my birthday. Just as my day was about to end, I received this ‘happy birthday Kay, miss you’. I cried cause I really missed this guy so much. I checked up on him from afar through reliable sources just to know how he was (not stalking btw lol) even though he had moved on and dated a few times (became a player basically). After a month we started talking again and the chemistry never died not even distance could destroy that…


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