2015 was great on New Years day but the second day it was just something else. Imagine the beginning of the year filled with drama and all the mixed emotions of 2014 coming right back at you! Sadly the beginning of my year was not that great but am just grateful that the days are moving and am still living. Today will be going back to college and it sucks so bad that my holiday is over. I don’t want to go back to that stressful life full of teachers, long assignments and people full of bullshit But I do not have a choice in this matter at all. Besides all the negative impacts of college, I understand its a blessing for me to be able to get education. I am definitely not going to take this opportunity for granted therefore whatever obstacles I encounter along the way/year, I will cross the bridge when I come to it. Hope you all having a great year even though you are not keep the positivity alive you never know that negative thing might turn out positive.

(Apologies for not writing but have been ill but will try to keep you all posted. Thank you for reading please comment if you can)


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