It is always hard to let go of that one person that you loved dearly. The first weeks are always hard keep on crying your heart out probably thinking if only they come back and just have that one last day or moment. Its not easy to stay strong too much memories from every part of your brain and heart even physically in pictures. Even if you try to pretend and live in denial the harsh reality will always be there to remind you the person is gone. No amount of words,hugs or jokes can ever make you feel better. It is hard to say goodbye BUT everything happens for a reason. There is time to live and time to die,time to meet people and time to loose them,time to be happy and time to cry; so the least you can do is to try and understand God’s plan of your life and move on from there. That doesn’t mean forget the beloved one but hold on to the memories and make space for new ones with other people that are still there and those you shall meet later on. Death is a rite of passage that everyone goes through so appreciate each moment you get with everyone and always love them. May you find these words comforting and may they help you as they have helped me. You are not alone, God is with you always and stay blessed!!!

I wrote this with a heavy heart knowing i have gone through this and am in the process of moving on. it is very hard i tell you but the will to live on everyday is bythe grace of God. thank you for reading my lovelies x (Comment if you can)


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