Its very easy to start a relationship these days. Since people have started to think Infatuation is Love. I LOVE YOU used to be so sacred but nowadays its just another 3 words which a player can simply tell 3 different girls the same. Many relationships don’t last cause its all pre mature as people get in a relationship for different yet wrong reasons looks, money and sex never the personality. If only teenagers took time to get to know each other’s strengthsand weaknesses then relationships would last. I can’t speak for everybody cause people are unique but in relationships they tend to have the same mentality. Its always hard to have that stable relationships without unwanted ‘trespassers’ all over your business. They will provoke relationships and if you not strong enough u will fall for it. There is pain,sorrow, anger,jealousy,happiness, comfort and most of all real Love and all that can be experienced in a real relationship. It is easy to parade your relationship to the world but it will only break you and its hard to ignore it. No matter how old you are (at least 16 lol) just put God first in every relationship you get into cause he knows best and will keep the Love intact. Always mind your bf/gf ‘ s business and also keep your business to yourselves. Don’t expect too much you will just end up disappointed so just let nature take its course and let Love grow….x

thank you for reading my lovelies(comment if you can)


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