In relationships, there is always that time when everyone gets tempted. Its wise to fight temptation cause if you don’t it will just make you a liar and when you get caught by your gf/bf you will shatter the trust and Love they had in you cause you couldn’t resist Cheating. Communication is very important, if you don’t talk about stuff bothering you or talk regularly your bf/gf is bound to have that idea that you nolonger interested cause of you keeping things inside and being distant which will lead to problems like cheating and eventually cause breakups. Being obsessive is just a no-no, it just puts someone off cause if you become obsessive/ clingy you will get jealous over stupid things which will probably make you to become into your bf/gf ‘s business, trying to remove people that were there before you of course that is just a piss take especially when you try to run over someone’s life which will eventually cause lack of trust and lead to breakup. No one is perfect but saying sorry for the same mistakes is just ridiculous, a person can forgive up to a certain point not all the time. Breakups are hard especially to clingy people they will cry and call their ex’s names under the sun but they will still love them. its very sad to see a teen cry over someone who didn’t appreciate them and they know it. Many teens suffer from depression but no one realises from over thinking and issues that come in a relationship. Its best if teens mostly girls who love too much just take a break from dating after a relationship then move on. Moving on is not easy but u just have to do it at some point the earlier the better for u but take your time. Not every relationship has a happy ending so be ready to have good and bad times but try and stay strong…


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