Looking back, it seems like only yesterday that i had my first crush. I was 13 years old, too young i know but unfortunately it hit me just like that and there was no way i was letting it go. There are a few symptoms I went  through well based on my past experience which are:

  1. It was LIKE at first sight for me( not for that person)
  2. Countless encounters that led me to fall in love
  3. If that person was beside me, I would still feel they were far from me emotionally
  4. Intellectually that person was in my mind 24/7
  5. The day i found out that handsome ‘hunk’ belonged to someone else, it did ‘crush’ me and i tried my best not to cry
  6. i would always feel shy whenever i saw him, my heartbeat became like a ticking bomb waiting to explode.
  7. It was usually hard for me to talk to him, at times i never got an opportunity to talk to him
  8. However, he did come round and just said ‘hi’ to me, i cherished that moment till now
  9. Busy watching their every move yet he never even spared me a second glance…sometimes i used to think if it was worth it?
  10. i wished to stay asleep because only in a dream could he be mine. I could only ‘crush'</3

I know you are probably wondering who that person is? or if he ever became mine? Be rest assured, I was not going to give up until he finally asked me out…yaaaay!! I will never ever forget that moment in my life that opened the doorway to love in my life. Of course we were young so i can not fully say it was the best relationship but at least I had my first crush. if you all can relate please do not hesitate to comment your own ‘crush’ experience.

Thank you for reading lovelies x


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