I really envy those that are not sociable cause they do not have to be nice to everybody. They can just ignore people with no guilty feeling attached.They can just say anything they want to whoever without feeling bad about it. They would not have to support or help anyone which could be less time consuming. They do not have any attachments to friendships cause it does not mean anything to them. They would not expect anything from anybody. They will live a lonely life but a happy one. But there is me, am too sociable, feel obliged to be there for people even from afar i would still check up on them. Instead of letting go, i always stick around for them why?? Cause i was genetically modified to be somebody that would never break a promise be it being there for someone or being a ‘friend’ i will always keep my promises. There is no way i can change i guess

Thank you for reading my lovelies (comment if you can)



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