At first it was a mistake. The guilt that tortured my soul and crushed my entire being. I managed to survive but I still longed for you. You that I labelled as a mistake of my life. I might have been delusional to reach out to you. My morals ended up losing to pleasure. It was good not going to lie and I wanted more of you each day. But one day, reality slapped me out of my fantasy to a bitter truth. We are simply not compatible!


One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Once upon a night, alcohol took over blinding reasoning senses. You could call it being ‘drunk’ but you knew what you were doing. You could have stopped it but you enjoyed it. You had energy to ignite the pleasure so don’t say you were weak. You had the night of your life. You woke up confused and scared without knowledge of what you had done. You thought of all the times you have been warned but all that has fallen on deaf ears. You protected your womanhood but at this point you don’t even know if it has gone down the drain. All you can do is cry and put on a brave face so that they won’t judge you. You feel ashamed to even face God but you know that only God can be your comfort. You find out days later, you still have your womanhood but it still bothers you that it could have gone just like that. You don’t know what kind of stranger you would have lost it to. A one night stand that could have destroyed your life….

Thank you for reading xx


The joy of going to university only last for a day. The struggle that comes with facing the reality of responsibility is so real.Responsibility in handling adult life. If you fail to budget wisely, that’s irresponsible. If you fail to make the right choices even if they may seem unimportant, that’s irresponsible. If you fail to attend lectures just because you decided that one day will not have an impact on your grades,that’s irresponsible. If you fail to at least get a part time job and acquire various skills, that’s irresponsible. If you fail to look after yourself and wellbeing, that’s irresponsible.

So being responsible at university is of a huge importance. My first year I learned it the hard way. You have to make so many decisions that may have a great impact on your whole year of university. I still make bad decisions at times but at least I have a grasp of what being responsible means and how not to be irresponsible. Responsibility is not something that can be done for you but relies on an individual. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take responsibility of your own life.

Thank you for reading xx

Block and Delete

Block and Delete

When communication fails you and words do not seem to be getting through then there is only one thing left…BLOCK AND DELETE!

1. Your ex keeps coming back once in a blue moon popping up in your DMs with the same old bs of ‘checking up on you ‘ BLOCK AND DELETE

2. That ‘friend’ that pops up every time she got problems in her life and 99% of the time, it’s the same bs. 99% of the time does not listen to you. BLOCK AND DELETE

3. That person that never make positive contributions in your life instead you are always the one investing positivity in their life. BLOCK AND DELETE

4. That ‘friend’ that lies to you about not ‘dining’ with your frenemy but all over social media playing best friend with that same frenemy. BLOCK AND DELETE

5. That friend that keeps questioning your compatibility of friendship. BLOCK AND DELETE

6. That ‘friend’ who keeps trying to act like their life is better than yours but forever borrowing your stuff๐Ÿ‘€ BLOCK AND DELETE

7. That ‘friend’ who’s only ambition in life is to be known by people for all the wrong reasons. BLOCK AND DELETE

8. That relative that has strong lurking spirit, forever checking your statuses and DP. BLOCK AND DELETE well does not apply to your ‘mum’ or ‘immediate aunties’ ๐Ÿ™ˆ

9. That ‘friend’ that does not return your money or borrowed clothes/ stuff. BLOCK AND DELETE after you have got it back

10. That person whose only ambition in life is to frustrate you, negativity runs in their system, don’t have another motive in life than to be in your business 24/7 to top it up take up God’s work of judging. BLOCK AND DELETE AND REBUKE๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

Share your own block and delete situations or scenarios ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you reading lovelies xx

Once upon Love

Once upon doong doong…the sound my heart made upon my first glance of you. It was never my intention to fall for you but it was already too late as I could not stop myself from falling. Your smile, your sparkling eyes oh my chwest…that unforgettable moment you crossed my path is one I wish to never forget in this lifetime. I have already loved you for the both of us. Now I just wait to see you even in my dreams that will be enough for me. Meeting you once was like a dream but if fate decides to make us meet again then this time I will not hesitate. Once upon my love that started from a five minute glance to be cherished for a lifetime.


The most scary thing that can happen in a friendship is when your friend falls in love or gets in a relationship. Almost everything changes from the convo to their attitude/behaviour. Truly love can be cloudy and blind at times. Am sure most of you will agree with me that it’s hard to deal with a friend in a relationship. It is something that is inevitable that we have to face whether we like it or not. It is even worse when you don’t get along with the boyfriend or girlfriend. The mention of their name irritates you to the maximum and your friend will make it the main topic of the whole conversation. When you do complain that they should keep their relationship details to themselves at times, they start thinking you either being jealous or just bitter. When this occurs, you start distancing yourself from your friend. It’s ridiculous I know but staying away could do some good and be beneficial for the both of you. It might look like selfishness or evil but all you just want is for your friend to just be the same person you befriended before they got in a relationship. Most people tend to change when they get in a relationship and end up blaming their ‘single’ friends instead. Life is already full of complex people so the least You expect is for a friend that you have loved and cherished to do a 360 degrees turn on you. You are my friend so stay that way!!!

How do y’all deal with friends that act or behave like this after falling in love??? Thank you for reading xx

Life After Mourning

It’s been many years but it always feels like yesterday. People tend to say time heals all wounds but am thinking like did they mean to say that it takes a whole lifetime. It hurts today just as it did yesterday and it has been 10years already. 

Reminisce: Even if am no longer there or we part, am grateful to God to have loved you in this lifetime.

The last words, that have been buried deep in my heart. To think he was grateful to have loved me not even to have been loved. I wonder if reincarnation is ever possible in this life so I can meet him again. We were young but I feel my soulmate came and left me already. Day by day, I pray to forget you but it seems you already talked to God first before I did. However I will keep living and forgive me in advance and close your eyes if my wedding day ever comes to a pass ๐Ÿ™ˆ. 

It’s still hard to live without you. I know love will never be beautiful as it was when I was with you. I am still waiting for a day that I will get over my sadness and stop drowning in my tears. Missing you is an understatement. 

I hope you keep resting in peace T and know that I am always grateful to God to have loved you in this lifetime.

Thank you for reading xx